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    We offer our services as a committed partner for:

    Heat-shrink Technology 

    PTL is a worldwide provider of heat-shrink technology. Our team brings several decades of experience to the heat-shrinkable products industry by developing new production lines and providing compounds for almost every application and specification. Our tube expansion machines have been supplied all over the world.

    Compounds for heat shrink tubing.

    Through our sister company Smaron B.V. a wide range of cross-linkable compounds are available for both thin wall and medium & thick wall products for commercial, industrial, defense, low voltage and medium voltage applications. Please have a look at

    Hot Set / Creep Test Ovens

    The PTL  ovens with laser system to measure hot-set elongation/ hot creep are recognized as  reliable and accurate devices for QC and development purposes in the polymer, Heat-shrink and wire & cable industry. The PTL test ovens are considered as the most efficient system available today.

    Abrasion Test devices  

    Scrape abrasion test device  TVAB 5420-7N has set the standard for ISO 6722, ISO/DIS 6722-1. It has been designed to test the durability of cable insulation under extreme conditions, and measures very specific durability variables.

    Our Tape Scrape abrasion Tester TVAB 5420-7N TT  has been specially designed to test the durability of various tapes, which are used in the wire & cable harnesses industry.


    As a technology driven company, we are continuously pursuing expertise for you. Our heat-shrink roots go back to the early 1980's. PTL  is the one stop shop for heat-shrink technology. Our expertise in the supply of complete technology packages and manufacturing systems has found worldwide recognition. Contact us to tell us your ideas and expectations.